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We are excited to offer FREE virtual workshops on a variety of topics related to Multiple Exceptionalities and Multiple Needs.
Certificates of attendance will only be provided to participants who attend and participate in the live virtual workshop.
*Certificates of attendance will not be provided for viewing of any recordings.

Presenter: Brenda L. Barrio, Ph. D.

Associate Professor of Special Education,
University of North Texas

Recorded: August 3, 2021
1 hour session
Supporting Emergent Bilingual Students with Disabilities
Through Evidence-Based Practices

This webinar is designed to equip teachers, administrators, and other educators with the knowledge and skills necessary for developing, implementing, and assessing evidence-based practices for emergent bilinguals/English learners with disabilities. An emphasis will be placed upon the design and delivery of specific strategies and accommodations when teaching reading, writing, and mathematics across a variety of educational environments, including bilingual/dual language education. 

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Can you imagine an America without foster care? Most experts agree that the best possible solution for children is to stay with or be reunited with family once placed in care. Many child neglect and endangerment situations can be averted if parents can avoid despair. Society, communities, and organizations can play a meaningful role to ensure parents get the support they need to provide for themselves and their families.

Recorded: April 1, 2021
1 hour session
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Speaker & Author

Presenter: Adam Starks, Ph.D.

Preventing the Need for Foster Care: Parenting Support-Based Solutions

Twice-exceptional students who participate in services for gifted and talented learners require appropriate adaptations and services as prescribed in their Individualized Education Program (IEP) or Section 504 documentation in order to meet their exceptional needs. This webinar will provide teachers, administrators, and other educators practical resources for identifying and serving the twice-exceptional learner.

Serving Twice-Exceptional Students from the Gifted and Talented Focus

Statewide Coordinator for Gifted and Talented Education, Texas Education Agency

Presenter: Monica Brewer

Recorded: February 10, 2021
1 hour session
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Understanding the Needs of Migratory Children: Bridge the Gap, Build Opportunity

Presenter: Martha Hinojosa

Director of Migrant Education , Region One ESC

This session will provide participants with an overview of eligibility determinations, the unique needs of migrant children, and the Texas Migrant Service Delivery Plan (SDP). The participants will gain a general understanding of collaborative activities to meet the State's performance outcomes.

Recorded: November 20, 2020
1 hour session
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Participants will learn the challenges unique to military-connected students with exceptionalities, strategies for supporting them as they transition from school to school, how to strengthen relationships with students and families, and the power of collaborative teamwork. 

Exceptional Military-Connected Children: Unique Circumstances, Unique Needs

Manager, Military Child Education Coalition

Presenter: Kaci McCarley

Recorded: December 1, 2020
1 hour session
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